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How can I get a bracelet?

By appointment only or at a Pop Up event.

Where is your studio?

35 Great Jones Street, NYC.

I can't come on a Friday...

If you can't come during the available time slots, we will do our best to accommodate you. Please email but be aware that we get so many of these requests! 

Can I do it with someone else?

Yes! Simply book two appointments in one time slot.

Can I bring someone with me, even if they aren't doing it?

Totally! We encourage you to experience it with others. Take fun pictures. Please remember, this is a working studio. It's not a party. Try to limit it to a few max. 

What if I have to cancel?

If you have to cancel you must let us know 24 hours in advance. Orders cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment, or if you don't show up, will be considered a "no show." No shows are automatically refunded their payment minus a $50 fee. We do this because appointments are limited and it's not fair to others who wanted your time.

Will there still be pop up events to get a bracelet?

Yes! Please sign up for our newsletter when you visit and you'll always know what's up.

Does it hurt?

No. It's a burst of air and a flash. It does not touch your skin, and even if it did, it wouldn't hurt. 

What chains can I choose from?

We have a super simple open cable link chain. It's unisex in size. It's 14k yellow gold. It looks good on everyone.

What if I want something fancier?

Our sister brand, Finn Jewelry, has a gorgeous 18k gold diamond cut chain version. Just visit their site and scroll to the bottom.

Is it really permanent?

It's as permanent as a combination lock. It's on there until you don't want it anymore. 

How can I take it off?


Can I keep the chain?

Sure! It's yours! If you ever decide you want to put it back on, we can do that for a small fee. 

What happens if my bracelet falls off?

We would ask, "what the hell were you doing?" Then we would say, "it's ok, bring it back and we'll put it back on." 

*The chain will stay on with normal wear. Everyone in our office is going on 2 years with theirs. Jewelry is jewelry, though. We can't be responsible if you break yours or lose it.*

Can I buy other Love Billy! products while I'm there?

Yes! Please remember, this is a working studio. So know what you want before hand. If it's in stock, it's yours! Our studio isn't for trying on. We don't even have a mirror. 

Is Casey or Candice there?

Casey no (he doesn't work here??). Candice sometimes, but she's usually super busy and anti-social. You might catch her on a good day, though.